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Owner & Creator of Earth Essence Beauty


How many years have you been in the beauty industry and what is your background? 

I have been in the beauty industry for 12 years. I have worked in all aspects of beauty from day spas to busy salons and even assisting plastic surgeons with consultations and procedures. I think it’s so important to have experience in all the different sides of beauty to find where your passion and belief system fits. 

What is your favourite way to unwind? 

I have two small children and a business so finding balance between family, work and me time is an ongoing juggle. However, I have found the importance of filling your own cup should not be underestimated as it consistently benefits all other areas and people in your life. 

I meditate most mornings as soon as I wake up (and yes sometimes this is while a small person rubs their comforter on my face), I find this sets the tone for my day. I really enjoy yoga and going for long walks and find it to be a mental admin time for me. I have recently started going to the float tanks also and LOVE them!

On the weekends you’ll find me…..  

Going for bike rides with my family, taking my golden retriever Charlie for a run, cruising the markets for delicious fresh produce, relaxing at home or spending time with friends. 

How long have you owned Earth Essence for and what was the motivation for you creating this organic, natural and vegan space? 

I have owned EEB for 2.5 years. I started in a beauty room inside another business and quickly grew. In February 2018 we joined the Cornerstone family and could not imagine a more supportive and loving group of businesses. 

Initially, it started from wanting to gain more congruency with my home and work life. At home I keep things as natural as possible. I am conscious of waste and how we treat our bodies and our planet, so then going to work and being so exposed to chemicals just did not align with my values. I knew so many people who were striving for a lower tox lifestyle and so began to search to find the best low tox alternatives for standard beauty products and treatments. 

There are so many incredible brands creating products that not only perform as well (if not better) as the mainstream ones, but also come without the harmful chemicals and side effects. I honestly believe the skin does not need harsh chemicals and invasive treatments to be rebalanced and supported back to its natural, healthy and glowing self. People don’t have to give up the luxurious salon experience or the results driven treatments to go natural.

At the end of the day I care about my clients, myself, my staff and the planet and want to do the best I can to keep us all as healthy as possible.

I am so blessed with our clientele and how supportive the community has been and can’t wait to see what the future brings. 

What are your go-to treatments for when the skin or body feels…..


Dryness is usually an imbalance between the body and skin between hydration and oils. I will always begin by finding out what’s happening behind the scenes with lifestyle, diet and homecare. A lot of the time dryness is just a case of removing those dead layers of skin that are not allowing the nourishing products you are using to get down to where they need to be. Micro (microdermabrasion), LED (Light Emitting Diodes) and an intensive mask facial is a sure fire way to give the skin the reboot it needs by clearing the dead skin, treating and nourishing the skin and targeting the underlying concerns with the power of LED. 


Again, on this one I would be having a conversation regarding naturopathic care in regards to the hormones and any other hormonal support they are on. Treatment choice all depends on the state of the skin, however I can not rave enough about the results that LED have on killing the bacteria on the surface of the skin and assisting to prevent scarring. Exfoliation is important with congested skins however you want to avoid using scrubs that will spread bacteria and worsen the breakouts. We also want to ensure the skin is still getting the oils it needs as drying the skin out (which is the first thing any of us with oily congested skin want to do) will actually aggravate the breakout even more. 


So often I have clients come in and their main concern is dull/stressed skin. Straight away I want to use our Vanessa Megan Prebiotic + C Exfoliator followed by the Josh Rosenbrook Cacao Mask to get the blood flowing, finishing with a rose quartz Gua Sha lymphatic massage and Vitamin C infusion. This skin will come out glowing and alive!!

Favourite products you can’t live without right now? 

 This is sooooooooooo hard! But the winning combo for my own skin is the Vanessa Megan Pettigrain Cleanser, Prebiotic + C Exfoliant, Two Phase Vit C and Asha Skincare Glow serum, Rose and Chamomile moisturiser, finished with the Triple Action Eye Serum, oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!

What do you think the biggest misconception is around using “natural” beauty products in salon and at home?

 That they won’t do anything. This absolutely kills me because the skincare industry is a sneaky one and is filled with products that are all packaging and hype and mislead their consumers. There is no regulation forcing brands to divulge all the ingredients in their products and this is scary!!! I think it’s so important to know what we are putting on our face and into our bloodstream. There are so many incredible brands who have created these powerful and good for us products, however because people have been lied to so many times before it’s hard for them to trust in it. 

What are the biggest benefits from going chemical free when it comes to skincare? 

Being in control of our own health and being aware of what we are consuming. Also reaping the benefits of all the powerful medicines nature has to offer.

You have been working on your own Australian made boutique selection of fundamental natural skincare products which you have recently launched, can you explain a little on the Asha range? 

The Asha range came about as I delved further down the rabbit hole of my love of ingredients. I began to wish I could blend my favourite botanical oils, essential oils and extracts to offer these amazing benefits to my clients which in doing so birthed ‘Glow’. I had been exploring Ayurvedic medicine and had seen the results myself of using oils such as Neem and Tamanu to treat acne. 

Previously, I had struggled to find a serum that served to hydrate and rebalance acne skins while also assisting prevention of future breakouts, scarring and pigmentation, this led to the creation of ‘Balance’. I always prefer to blend my serums with a hydrating toner to better deliver them into the skin therefore I created “Tone”, which can not only be used as a delivery system and toner to remove residue from creamy cleansers but also as a hydrating spritz to keep the skins moisture levels up. 

Now don’t get me wrong, this was not a simple effort and it did not take me long to realise that in fact I was not a chemist and needed the help of the beautiful team at Bubbles Organic who worked with me so patiently in the creation of these treasures. 

What do you hope the next year has in store for you and the Earth Essence family? 

Wow big question. We have been so blessed and I can only hope that we continue to grow our heart filling community of clients. I would love for us to bring further value to our community by holding workshops or events that would bring further knowledge and understanding. There are a few exciting plans on the horizon that I have to keep to myself for now, however I can’t wait to share them with everyone soon! 

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Senior Beauty Therapist


Originally from? 

New Zealand but moved to Australia when I was 5. 

Favourite part of the Gold Coast?

Palm Beach. I love the family friendly vibe, great cafes and easy access to go to Burleigh or Currumbin. 

What is your background within the beauty industry? 

I have a diploma in Spa Therapies, which is the industry I have predominately worked in over the last 12 years or so in Sydney, Gold Coast and Auckland. With a passion for Ayurvedic and alternative therapies, I always try to align my work with what the individual needs and what is best for them. I have covered a broad spectrum of different therapies and always keen to learn more as the possibilities are endless. 

You have a passion for using essential oils for a wholistic approach to health and beauty, with so many options out there, where would you suggest people start when choosing base essential oils to work with and how?

You should always start with the oils that you can easily integrate into your everyday life. There are truly so many benefits that you can acquire from using essential oils as part of your everyday routine, whether you diffuse, clean, use for medicinal purposes or emotional balance. My top 5 favourite oils are:

Peppermint: Great for decongesting, tummy complaints, uplifting, cooling sunburn- so many uses!

Lemon: Great to use for cleaning, brightening and lightening.

Lavender: Perfect for calming and relaxing- always have this in my children’s diffuser at night.

Tea Tree: For nail infections, anything on the skin that needs an antibacterial treatment and rids head lice. 

Frankincense: The ‘holy oil’ is there anything frankincense can’t do?! This oil has so many health benefits and I have heard so many stories of this oil healing certain ailments and health concerns when applied topically. It is also great for anti-ageing and healing the skin.

What was it that drew you to Earth Essence? 

I have a crush on the Cornerstone and love how it brings like-minded folk together and this is the same at Earth Essence. It is such a nourishing and feminine space. Our clients that we get are all such beautiful souls and have one thing in common- their awareness to their health and approach to finding low toxic products and services. What I especially love about Earth Essence is the way that it is curated with an organic approach to beauty which is looking after the inside as well as the outside. 

What is your favourite treatment to perform from the Earth Essence menu? 

 This is an easy one. The creme de la Creme facial = Micro + LED + Intensive mask. Everyone’s face can benefit from this deep cleansing and loving treatment. It is such a spoil with lymphatic drainage massage with rose quartz Gua Sha and green stone in conjunction with a warming and cooling technique mask specifically designed by Vanessa Megan. Amazing results every time! 

What is your favourite way to unwind? 

Haha is this a trick question?? With 2 young children it is a busy household for us, however family day on a Sunday is my favourite day of the week and I love spending it with them. Usually going out for a coffee (always on the hunt for great cafes). I go to Byron a lot on my days off to chill, hang and beach. I love making vegan treats and green eats and op shopping. I use essential oils to unwind and can’t go past adding new vegies and flowers to my backyard garden- I’m obsessed! 

On the weekends you’ll find me….. 

At Stable, Highline or Tucker cafe before going for a walk on Burleigh Beach. I love markets; my latest find is the Green Marquee in the Currumbin Eco Village, it happens every second Sunday of the month. It is oh so my jam!

Having two beautiful daughters, how do you think becoming a mother has influenced your own health journey and awareness of products we consume and use? 

Oh hugely. I cannot say enough how much having babies changes you for the better (albeit the sleepless nights). You really become so much more aware of looking after yourself and your cubs and realise that self-care is so imperative to making sure the tribe has a healthy strong leader. I have always been into organics and there are so many natural alternatives available to anyone looking at implementing a more holistic approach to thriving health and preventing sickness in the home. You can start so easily with little baby steps from swapping hand soaps or making your own, taking a daily probiotic or adopting a chemical free sunscreen, it’s all the little things that make significance in the long term. I have found after eliminating some of the toxic products that I used to use in my home and on myself, I am now so much more in the know of recognising hidden nasties and synthetics that nobody needs in their life and now my girls can grow up having more awareness of themselves, others and their planet. 



Senior Beauty Therapist


Originally from…..

A New South Wales girl, I grew up splitting my time between Coffs Harbour (with mum) and Yamba (Angourie) with my Dad, Step Mum and four soul sisters. 

What is your background within the beauty industry? 

I have been a Beauty Therapist for 10 years now. I have had experience across the field and dipped my toe in everything from speedy revolving door style shopping centre waxing salons, clinical Medi-spas working under plastic surgeons and luxurious, dreamy day spas. The treatments and products have altered throughout the spaces I have been in; however, the underlying ethos of education, compassion and nurture has always remained for me in any role.

What is your favourite way to unwind? 

I tend to find such solace in the simplest of things. My favourite way to start the day is with a coffee in hand watching the sun rise. I am drawn to the ocean in so many ways, it’s my happy place. I surf whenever I get the chance, or just sit with my feet in the sand and breathe in the salty air. Being an earth sign, I am always drawn back to grounding, so feel I get anxious if I am stuck inside for too long. I also love to write; pen and paper scribblings have always been my greatest therapy. 

On the weekends you’ll find me…..

We usually start our mornings as a family, walking across to the beach at Currumbin to catch the sunrise with our little bambino Ezili. Breaky dates and ‘weekly de-briefs’ are a given with my beautiful circle of women, always seeking kid friendly haunts with our growing tribe, our regular go-to are -Pasture and Co, Stable, The Salt Mill and Neighbourhood Café. I try to get to a yoga class when I can (sometimes purely to fall asleep for a few blissful childfree minutes in Savasana). Road trips to discover new places are our favourite, while the afternoons are usually spent over at the beach again having an early picnic dinner to see out the day while building sand castles with our girl, red wine in hand. 

What was it that drew you to Earth Essence? 

After taking the past year off on maternity leave, I had been experiencing that yearning to find a position or somewhere outside of being a mum which aligned with my core values, offering a space where I could create, give, nurture, learn, grow and foster new relationships and exchange knowledge. I had been tedious and conscious in finding the right fit as taking time away from my daughter has never been taken lightly for me. I had finished a yoga class at The Body Method early one morning and as I was walking out felt a pulling to walk up to the window of EEB. They say intuition is the whisper of the soul and after meeting with Gem we both felt it was the perfect fit. 

What is your favourite thing about being a therapist at Earth Essence Beauty? 

At EEB we really have the boutique, nurturing space and allocate one on one time which allows us to take a wholistic approach to our client’s skin care. There can be so many un-intentional self-inflictions caused through diet, stress, suppressed emotion, environment and product mis-use that all need to be taken into consideration when dealing with the skin. We need to find that wholistic happy medium for the skin to truly thrive, and its usually a lot more than skin deep. We all have room for improvement within our skin health journeys and it’s our job to facilitate the beginning by equipping our clients with the right vehicle (products) and map (education) to navigate that road. 

This winter I’m telling my clients to….

Drink up sisters. Water, water, water! Honestly, its nature’s most hydrating elixir! 

Reacquaint yourself with your old friend exfoliation! We tend to leave them behind when our skin feels dehydrated during these cooler months, but in actual fact we need them more than ever. Sloth off those greedy and redundant dead skin cells with a good course of regular in salon microdermabrasion to reveal the juvenile layers of skin which should be absorbing all your product, finished with a relaxing red-light LED session to stimulate collagen growth for that glow we all want. At home, pair the Vanessa Megan Prebiotic + C Exfoliant for maintenance with a potent serum booster like the Asha ‘Glow’ for added hydration and nutrients. You can thank me later; ) 

What has influenced your own health journey and awareness of the ingredients in products we consume and use?  

We were always raised in a house hold that grew and gathered its own produce. Both my parents and pop being avid gardeners, we always knew how much tastier and nutritious home-grown fruit and veggies were. My dad was an incredible fisherman and would catch his own seafood most weekends to last the week. Always hauling just enough to feed the family and throwing back what he would call “next weeks catch”. It was always a lesson of fresh is best from the very start of my childhood, developing into healthy eating habits and choices throughout my adulthood. 

But it probably wasn’t until I watched my mum beat breast cancer and heal seeking Eastern medicine approaches of integrated alternate therapies, that really opened my eyes to the effects that chemicals have to our entire mind and body. 

From the moment we wake up and drink a glass of tap water, to eating foods sprayed with pesticides or manufactured with synthetic numbers and additives, doing the washing up in soapy dishwater, rolling on deodorant and putting on clothes which have been washed in chemical cleaners, we have already exposed ourselves to hundreds of chemicals before even getting to our skincare regime or applying our make-up, where yet again many of us are directly flooding more toxic chemicals straight through our largest organ of the skin. If you are able to eliminate chemicals in just step of your day through choosing a natural skin care range, then you are already making a huge conscious effort to your health. Some of our clients have been living a low tox lifestyle for as long as they can remember, and others are just starting their journey (both entirely admirable). If we can facilitate the link between glowing healthy skin and inner health and beauty procedures with products and methods which are chem-free and low tox, then we are contributing to your overall health in a big way, which is a very humbling and rewarding role as a therapist. 

Kristie Lund